Metro Center
Building Access

Ccure Access Control

A Ccure Access Control System deters unauthorized entry while allowing Tenants and their visitors easy access to the building when it is locked. Tenant employees are issued Ccure access cards for use in card readers installed at the building’s Station Place entrance and the parking garage entrance doors. An intercom to the security desk is located at each building entrance and can be used for quick admittance of visitors by security staff.


The building is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. The building is locked at all other times.


Place access card next to the card reader and remove it immediately and the door will unlock.


Controlled doors will unlock automatically.

Each employee is required to use a security card to gain access to the building and parking garage. Included in this package are the access card application forms. Please have each employee complete and sign the form. These forms together with a list of all your employees at this location should be delivered to the Tenant Services Coordinator (203-353-4028), who will issue the security cards and car stickers. To ensure your security as well as that of other tenants, we ask that security access cards be returned to the management office for individuals no longer in your employ. In addition, we ask that each month you provide the Tenant Services Coordinator with an updated employee list.