Metro Center

The parking garage entrance is on Station Place. The garage is attended from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight, Monday through Friday. After-hours access is available with your security access card. All security access cards are issued by the Tenant Services Coordinator (203-353-4028). To obtain a card, please call the Management Office at 203-353-4028. These cards are non-transferable. If you have questions or experience problems, please call the Tenant Services Coordinator at 203-353-4028. The parking garage may be reached directly at 203-353-5346.

Your company visitors are charged the posted hourly rate. If you wish to provide free parking for your visitors, from one hour up to all day, you may purchase parking voucher stamps from the garage manager (203-353-5346). Books of 40 stamps each are available in one-hour and two-hour denominations; all-day coupons come in books of 10. Visitors who exceed the amount of time validated will be charged the difference between the value of the stamps and the applicable parking rates.

Storing of vehicles is not permitted. All vehicles must be removed from the premises after business hours, unless otherwise discussed with management.